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History History

The Chemical Trading Enterprise is a production company that started its activity in 1995 with the release of goods for vehicle maintenance such as electrolytes, rust converters, Movil and anticorrosion compositions based on bitumen.


An analysis of the construction mastics market showed us a prosperous future of development in this direction, and a decision to create a separate production line along with a new brand was made.

That is how BITUMAST™ was born. BITUMAST™ brand name derives from words «BITUmen MASTcs» and is the property of Chemical Trading Enterprise.

Nowadays the company is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of St. Petersburg, a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Developers «Soyuzpetrostroy» among a few other professional associations.


We have been producing various baseless bituminous compositions for roofing, waterproofing and corrosion protection work for the last 12 years.

Bitumast™ materials are meant for professional construction when working with utilities for roofing and waterproofing works and anticorrosive treatment of concrete and steel structures.