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Cooperation Cooperation

Our company is focused on cooperation and is constantly looking for reliable partners in different regions who are interested in the products and services we provide.

Wholesale and retail organizations

Cooperation programs with wholesale and retail organizations (shops, stores, construction bases, etc.) provide the following provisions:

  • Accompanying products with promotional materials for the retail space of a buyer
  • Comprehensive informational support
  • A flexible system of discounts
  • Deferral of payment
  • Special pricing conditions to regional representatives

Industrial enterprises and construction companies

We offer you the following types of collaboration:

  • Development and production of specific compositions according to the customers’ requirements and specifications and/or according to technical task
  • The manufacture of products under the brand name / trademark of the customer
  • Complex supply and delivery of materials to construction companies
  • Delivery of required goods to any region of Russia by road, containers or railway transport.